Cornellboration™ - A Network for Cornellians


Cornellboration® is a suite of free, industry-specific professional networking sites where Cornellians can learn, network, converse, find solutions, post information, and blog. Cornellboration® consists of Cornell BioPharma Network for Cornellians who are interested in the biomedical industries - pharma, biotech, diagnostics, devices, and research tools. The Cornell NanoMat Network focuses on the physical sciences industry, particularly nanotechnology and materials. All Cornellians (students, faculty, staff and alumni) interested in seeking business and academic collaborations are welcome to join the Cornellboration® networking sites. The Cornellboration® suite is developed and maintained by the Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University (CTL).

Cornell BioPharma Network A network for Cornellians interested in pharma, biotech, medical diagnostics and devices, and research tools.
Cornell NanoMat Network A network for Cornellians interested in the material science and nanotechnology industries.
Cornell Angel Network A network for Cornellians who are accredited investors to learn about Cornell startups and to network with one another.